Computer & IT Careers in Minneapolis

Computer & IT Careers in Minneapolis

In the world of computers, every day brings something new. Technology is continually evolving and computer training programs in Minneapolis must meet the challenge to keep current on industry trends.

A U.S. News article entitled "America's Best Careers 2010: Science and Technology" shows that computer careers are always included in the top 10 most high-ranking and high-paying jobs.

Today, many students are attracted to high profile positions in the computer industry such as Systems Analysts or Game Creators. However, many students do not know the breadth and depth of the jobs in the IT field. IT jobs range from Hardware Specialists who design computer chips, to people who build, assemble, and maintain the computers, networks, and other equipment that makes it all work.

Education & Training

Selecting a school that modifies its programs to stay up-to-date is vital – no matter how great the degree, if it's based on old technology, it's worthless in a competitive job market.

Computer programs are offered by traditional four-year colleges as well as community colleges and career training schools. When deciding what kind of school to attend, you have to consider your career goals and what kind of training will best help meet these goals. You should also consider computer specializations.

What specific major is most appealing, and which schools have the best programs for such a specialization? After you answer those questions for yourself, you'll need answers from the schools.

Many professional organizations, as well as a large number of companies in the computer industry, offer scholarships for computer students.

Continuing Education

Whether it involves getting certifications or not, it's important for your career to keep studying new technologies and new developments long after your initial computer education is over, and to be adaptable enough that fluctuations in your job requirements and the industry as a whole won't faze you.

TechSkills is one school that offers a variety of certifications at its 31 locations, including many of those listed above, as well as a number of Oracle certifications. Certifications and other short-term diploma programs are quick and easy ways technology professionals can keep up with new developments in this rapidly changing field.

Top Schools in Minneapolis for Computer/ Information Technology (IT) Degrees

  • The Art Institutes International Minnesota
    Animation, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Web Design
  • DeVry University
    Computer Engineering Technology, Computer Information Systems, Electronics and Computer Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, Game and Simulation Programming, Information Technology, Network & Communications Management, Network Systems Administration, Technical Management
  • Brown College
    Information Technology
  • Minneapolis Business College
    Computer Programming and Applications, Computer Specialist, Network Management
  • Minnesota School of Business
    Programming & Game Development, Information Technology, Network Support Specialist, Network Systems Engineer
  • National American University
    Information Technology, MIS, Network Management/Microsoft
  • Rasmussen College
    Information Systems Management, Network Support Specialist, Network Support Technician, Desktop Applications Support, Internet Developer, Wide Area Networking Technician
  • TechSkills
    IT Engineering, IT Security, Software Development, Network Design and Engineering, Wireless Networking, Database Design and Administration, Internet and Web Design, Core IT Skills, Microsoft Office Applications

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