Runway Bound: A Guide to Chicago's Top Ranked Fashion Schools

by Damian McKnight, Contributing Writer
Runway Bound: A Guide to Chicago's Top Ranked Fashion Schools
Everyone in the fashion world is talking about Chicago. Chicago's beauty, awe inspiring architecture and vibrant arts and cultural scene make it an ideal home for the more than 400 designers who call the "windy city" home. Thanks to the popularity of shows like "The Cut" and "Project Runway", we have seen that fashion design can be more than an exciting and rewarding career--it's a lifestyle. However, before you run out and buy that sewing machine or begin creating your own label, it can help to get a solid education by enrolling in a fashion design school to learn the basics. Chicago has several top schools that offer degree programs in fashion, ranging from merchandising, design, production, and more to help refashion your design ambitions into a career.

Now comes the questions, “Which school?” and “How do I get in?”

Featured Top Fashion Design Schools

Choosing the right school for fashion involves serious investigation, as there is no set criteria for ranking fashion schools. Many of these schools have an easy admissions process; others require a semi-professional portfolio before they will even consider you for entry.

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